U.S. Test Committee speaks, and other RDA news from ALA

It was a busy day at the ALA Conference for RDA and RDA Toolkit. The U.S. Test Committee met with vendors, testers, and the public, and summarized the results of the test and the reasoning behind their recent decision. The committee stated that the "rewrite" of RDA will actually be more of a rewording, intended to simplify and clarify some of the instructions. Cataloging practice will not be affected by the rewording. We also learned that the Library of Congress will begin partial RDA cataloging in November. They will catalog across all subject areas and expect RDA records to represent about 5% of the library's cataloging output. The National Library of Medicine and the National Agricultural Library will not catalog in RDA until full implementation begins.

PCC reiterated both its response to the report of the U.S. Test Committee and its formation of three working groups focused on three areas of RDA development: PCC RDA-Decisions-Needed Task Group; PCC Task Group on RDA Acceptable Heading Categories; PCC Task Group on Hybrid Bibliographic Records. At the PCC Participants Meeting, Eric Miller, co-founder and president of Zepheira, spoke about the power of linked data and the potential for the library community to take the lead in this area. Finally, Vendors Plans for Implementing RDA proved to be a lively session with representatives from Equinox, Sirsi Dynix, Follett, and VTLS speaking to the steps they have taken to facilitate cataloging in RDA.

Cross-published at American Libraries Magazine.