Double-User Offer Extended

As we review the Report and Recommendations of the U.S. RDA Test Coordinating Committee on the implementation of RDA and plan the next steps for RDA Toolkit, it is clear that there is one thing we can do right away to help users become as well prepared as possible for RDA implementation. And that is to extend our double-user offer.

The double-user offer will be extended by one year to August 31, 2012 and will include all renewals as well as new subscriptions. We recognize that as your institution works to get staff and services trained and prepared for the changing cataloging environment, you’ll need more people to have access more frequently. With this offer we will double the number of RDA Toolkit users you request, for the first year of the subscription or renewal term, at no extra charge—and at any site license level. (For example, buy a 2-user site license and get a 4-user license for the same price.) Having double users will facilitate training and ease the transition to RDA.

More information or subscribe here.

There’s also a one-time free 30-day trial (aka RDA Toolkit Free Trial), which is available at both the solo-user and institutional (multi-user) levels.

In addition, the RDA Post-Event Access is a free 30-day trial that provides solo-user access to anyone attending an RDA training event. If you plan to lead an RDA workshop or presentation sometime soon, we’d like to help make your instruction stick with added access to RDA Toolkit. To take advantage of this offer, visit the RDA Post-Event Access page. (And if you are attending an RDA training event, do ask the organizer about this unique offer.)